Who We Are

The Bagong Barrio Education Fund is a not-for-profit sponsorship program that focuses on education as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Anne Krystel_websiteThe program supports the educational needs of the children of Bagong Barrio, the second largest slum village in Manila. It brings together Australian (and international) sponsors who fund the education expenses (books, uniforms, transport) of individual students. 100% of the sponsors’ money goes directly to the students.

The program celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2012.

It is our belief that education improves a young person’s opportunity of gaining employment, thereby increasing their ability to support themselves and their families in the future. Our program aims to support education in the hope that it will serve as a means of empowering an individual to break out of the cycle of poverty.

The selection of the sponsored students is based on a needs assessment and is non-denominational and non discriminatory.